• We support the success of foreigners
    in the fields of food services,
    food manufacturing, and nursing.

  • We will provide fair and appropriate support for recruiting
    human resources utilizing the Specified Skilled Worker Systems.

  • Contribute to the creation of a
    society in which multiple cultures coexist.


We support the utilization of foreign
workers as the cornerstone of growth and
evolution for companies.

It is inevitable that Japan’s working population will continue to decline. Even if labor and personnel saving have evolved by using technology, there are still many businesses that do not involve human intervention in order to enrich our lives.

Japan Food and Beverage Foreign Employment Association believes that it is necessary for both the host company and the foreign workers who work to deepen mutual understanding in the times when the labor force of foreigners will be further needed in Japan in the future.

We hope that will be the cornerstone of growth and evolution for everyone involved, not a temporary system for securing a labor force.

Greetings from the Executive Director.

Foreigners seize opportunities in Japanese society.At the same time, it contributes to the social development of Japan.

Executive Director

Inoguchi Yusuke

Japan Food and Beverage Foreign Employment Association is the first registered support organization specializing in the industry for restaurants, accommodation, food manufacturing, and nursing businesses.

Currently, in Japan, employment environment is inappropriate due to due to the labor shortage, which is adversely affecting the image of the industry as a whole.

Through the activities of this association, it is necessary not only to make corporate efforts as an individual host organization (company), but also to build a framework to appropriately hire foreign workers as an industry and to become an industry that is selected as an excellent overseas human resource.

With the establishment of this corporation, we will support the promotion of compliance and the improvement of service quality by appropriately hiring foreigners in the industry and implementing employment support and education, and will continue activities that lead to the revitalization of the entire industry.

Association activities

  • Seminar activities for companies and job applicants

    The specific skill system has started, and we are informing both the host company and the job applicants of the requirements and preparations for working in the specific skill system in a seminar.

  • News release

    Explanation of procedures for companies accepting status of residence and support for

  • FacebookLIVE・YouTube

    Personnel who provide detailed support regarding procedures for changing the status of residence due to the hiring of global human resources in Japan and overseas, explanations of support operations as a host organization (company), points to note when hiring, and applications. We will support your complicated work.

  • Implementation of skill level test preparation course

    Explanation of procedures for companies accepting status of residence and support for Specified Skilled Worker.


  • Employment placement businesses

    From those who wish to change jobs in Japan, such as international students and former technical intern trainees, we will introduce human resources from all over the country that meet the needs of companies such as nationality, gender, experience, age, Japanese level. We also accept introductions from overseas human resources in collaboration with overseas Japanese language schools and sending organizations.

    Flow of recruitment
    • 01

      Upon request, we will hear about the nationality, age, gender you want to hire, and the desired work start schedule, etc. regarding the personality you want to experience. Also, please tell us about the job information related to employment conditions.

    • 02

      Forming a preliminary candidate group

      Upon request, we will hear about the nationality, age, gender you want to hire, and the desired work start schedule, etc. regarding the personality you want to experience.
      Also, please tell us about the job information related to employment conditions.

    • 03

      Holding an interview

      We will hold an interview online while adjusting your company's schedule and the candidate's schedule. Also, please tell us about the job information related to employment conditions.

    • 04

      Support from job offer to application for change of status of residence

      In order to proceed smoothly from the job offer to the start of employment, we will proceed with the necessary documents related to the application of the job offer and whether or not we can retire from the current position without any problems in cooperation with the current supervision union and registered support organization.

    • 05

      Support from VISA issuance to employment

      After the new residence card is issued, we will also provide procedures for retiring from the current position, support for movement, administrative procedures, preparation for living in a new workplace, and support for securing a place of residence.

    • 06

      Start of support service from the start of employment

      In addition to the mandatory support stipulated by the Immigration Bureau, we will support smooth communication by intervening between companies and foreigners in order to establish and continue working in the new workplace.
      Since the improvement of Japanese is proportional to the retention rate, we hold online Japanese language courses every week. Creating opportunities for daily contact with supporters has the effect of preventing early turnover.

  • Specified Skilled Worker support business

    Japan Food and Beverage Foreign Employment Association is also a registered support organization approved by the Ministry of Justice (Special 19-002720). We provide support services for Specified Skilled Worker in 13 countries, mainly in the fields of food service, food and beverage manufacturing, nursing, and construction.
    We will support you to establish yourself from our abundant achievements.

    Target countries:
    English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Mongolian, Myanmar, Russian, Korean, Nepali, Indonesian, Thai, Bengali, Spanish

  • Support service for changing status of residence

    We accept applications for change from existing status of residence such as Student, Technical Intern Training, Engineer / Specialist in Humanities / International Services, Dependent, Designated Activities, Working Holiday, etc., and application for certification of overseas residents to Specified Skilled VISA.

  • Self-support production consulting

    We will build a system that enables self-support production by providing support skills, immigration correspondence, and information for companies that wish to provide in-house support such as mandatory support stipulated by immigration. We will set up a support manager / person in charge within the company, and we will establish a system that can handle immigration and support work for that person.

    It is necessary to meet all of the following check items for self-support. Please contact us if there are any items that do not apply.

  • Studying online Japanese classes

    We hold weekly online study sessions for foreign workers supported by our association. We have classes for N3 to N1 levels. Improving your Japanese ability will also increase your retention rate.

  • Preparation courses for Specified skills evaluation test

    If necessary, we support application for exams, provide proficiency test preparation and mock test courses in the fields of food service and food and beverage manufacturing. We also have online classes and at each vocational school.

  • Employment support seminar (for job applicants)

    We hold employment preparation seminars at each school for international students who want to work in Japan. An increasing number of students are hoping to work with specified skilled if they find it difficult to get a job with working VISA (Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services).
    Regarding the system of specified skilled, we explain in an easy-to-understand manner the method of job hunting and what the company wants.

    Implementation schools:
    Tokyo Cooking Confectionery College, Akahori Confectionery College, Hattori Nutrition College, Tokyo Bell Epoch Confectionery Cooking College, Waseda Bunri College, Tokyo Global College, Japan International Technical College, Tokyo Tourism College, etc.

Association overview

  • Corporate name

    Japan Food&Beverage Foreign Employment Association

  • Establish

    July 26th, 2019

  • Representative Director

    Taguchi Naoki

  • Directors

    Yamada Toshiyuki (YORO-NO-TAKI CO., LTD. Representative Director)
    Tezuka Takahiro (Senior Managing Director, Torizen Foods Co., Ltd.)
    Kobayashi Tatsuya (Representative Director, Vitalize Co., Ltd.)
    Ishizaki Fuyuki (Lawyer)
    Tanaka Koji (Senior Managing Director, SG Group Co., Ltd.)
    Inoguchi Yusuke
    Executive Director of Japan Food &Beverage Foreign Employment Association

  • Advisors

    Takino Takashi (KOURYUU LANGUAGE SCHOOOL in Yangon, Myanmar management/Lions club Yangon representative)
    Kagawa Yoko (Meros Language School)

  • Executive Director

    Inoguchi Yusuke

  • Activity content

    Holding various seminars
    Support for member companies.
    Consultation services for hiring foreigners, etc.

  • License

    Paid employment agency business 13-ユ-311407
    Fee-charging employment placement 19登-002602

  • Headquarters/ Tokyo Office

    Japan Food & Beverage Foreign Employment Association Tokyo Office

    PMO Nishi-Shinjuku Bldg.13F 8-1-2 Nishi-Shinjuku,Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo

    160-0023, Japan

    TEL 03-5308-0517

    FAX 03-3366-0960

    Google Map
  • Osaka Office

    Japan Food & Beverage Foreign Employment Association Osaka Office

    Chiyoda bldg. west building 6F 2-5-4 Umeda Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

    530-0001, Japan

    TEL 050ー5482ー3224

    FAX 03-3366-0960

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  • Fukuoka Office

    Japan Food & Beverage Foreign Employment Association Fukuoka Office

    4-2-20 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture Tenjin Sachi Building 5F

    810-0001 Japan

    TEL 050ー5482ー3225

    FAX 03-3366-0960

    Google Map
  • Saporo Office

    Japan Food&Beverage Foreign Employment Association Saporo Office

    5-2-12 Kita 5 Jo Nishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido
    Sumitomoseimei sapporo Bldg.8F

    060-0052 Japan

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